Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Santa Cruz Nomad

 "We try to avoid category over-analysis and coming up with nifty acronyms. Instead, we build bikes for the needs of the riders we know. And we know a whole lot of people who go on long hard rides to find very burly terrain. That's the reason for the Nomad.

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The 160mm of travel, stout aluminum frame with 1.5" headtube, ISCG05 chainguide mount and 67 degree head angle could lead one to think the Nomad's a scaled down downhill bike. Meanwhile, the refined and flattened VPP suspension curve makes the Nomad pedaling performance light and responsive. Simply put, the Nomad defies easy categorization. On the one hand it's a downhill sparring partner, and on the other hand an everyday, everywhere, every trail kind of bike." Santa Cruz Bikes   $3,550